The Dukes of Harmony

The Dukes of Harmony were founded in Orlando, Florida. They are an acappella singing group consisting of singers originally from other major cities in the U, S, specializing in 50's and 60's Doo Wop harmony.  The Group performs at clubs, shows, concerts, radio stations, television, special occasions and of course on the street corners of any city worldwide.


The Dukes' Vow

As an acappella group, our goal is to provide the finest entertainment in the form of group harmony, We Strive to keep acappella alive for the enjoyment of all those people who appreciate the beauty of the human voice in song and harmony,  "The Dukes Of Harmony" mission is to touch the soul and spirit with songs of romance, laughter, and happiness and messages that serve to better the quality of life for all.

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Sample Audio Tracks: Remember Then
Tonight | The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Doo Wop Christmas | Jingle Bells


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